Together, Creating a Whole New World.

Reflections in Time

Have you noticed that what used to work, no longer does?

The dynamics of relationships and work have changed with the onset of a New Energy.

I  can help you to understand clearly how to live and love in the New Energy.

I can help you to see more clearly the energies that are influencing your life, both your own unconscious energies and those of others.

I can help you to release those energies that don’t serve you or the highest good and to more easily create more of what you choose.

In 2003, I felt compelled to step into my Highest Life Purpose of guiding people through their life changes, to their highest life.

The world is changing fast and we need powerful new energies upon which to build our new foundation(s).

With a lot of tools and 30 years of experience, I am able to provide ongoing support to assist you through your transition and help you to get comfortable and thrive in the new energy. I am here to help you live the life you were born to live:  to create your new life.

~Patrice Carington


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