“Casual” drug usage

On October 1st, 2015 Oregon State legalized marijuana for casual usage.

Since October 1st, we have had at least 3 bomb threats in the schools
and 1 shotting. (Coincidence, i don’t know. I don’t recall any education
given to the public about contraindications and drug interactions…)

Sunday, I was sitting in Lithia Park (Oregon) talking to my mother on the phone.
After about 15 minutes i decided to leave because the marijuana smell
was so strong that i couldnt get any fresh air. (I was in the CHILDREN”S
section of the park, by the swings). My entire way out of the park, all i smelled
was other people’s marijuana smoke.

THIS IS NOT OK. Children should have clean, fresh, non drug air to breathe
and they should have SOME role modeling that shows that it is possible to
make it through life without drugs.

Today, I jogged through Lithia Park (My daily jog for MY wellness and stress
reduction – MY “drug of choice”, running, oxygen rich air and negative ions
from the moving water). I inhaled so much smoke, that when i got home,
i left work early because i was so stoned that I could not get any work
done. THAT IS NOT OK. Other people do to not have the right or freedom to
force other residents to be stoned. Technically I also engaged in “driving
while under the influence”, as I drove home from the park. Which could have
impaired my reaction time, put me at risk for a car accident and / or caused me to get a moving violation.

Most people who are craving drugs have undressed medical issues that are not being attended to. To begin with, Central nervous system disorders should be addressed with appropriate B vitamins and hormone analysis among other things. Cravings for alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes are usually nutritional deficiencies among a whole list of other issues including environmtal toxic overload (not to mention the entire emotional / psychological aspects). Taking drugs
does not make the core issues go away. It actually makes them worse, because not only did the body not get what it needed, it now has a toxin on top of a nutritional deficiency. A human can be exposed to 120,000 different toxins. Our livers are ALREADY overworked. Adding drugs and alcohol to the equation can make a person who is already off balance even more ill. Everyone believes that alcohol is harmless but the truth is that it wipes out the micro biome (friendly bacteria in the digestive track – where 80% of our immunity lies) and has been linked to breast cancer (which is near 1 in 2 now).
Truly healthy people do not crave drugs or alcohol to make it through the day. Their bodies know how to self regulate and they are able to calm themselves down at will.

It has been two weeks since this law went into effect. I am very concerned about what the future holds. I am feeling very upset that there is so much, endless pressure to use drugs. I can only imagine how the young people feel
who are already in a world operating in Maximum Stress Load.

And NO ONE has the freedom or right to disrupt the freedom, well being or health of another. As long as our society does not address it’s core issues, everyone will get sicker together.