Although Gene Expression tends to be a bit more complex than this article makes it. This is good base information about the subject of Epigenetics. Some other factors that can contribute to gene expression are: socioeconomic status, the level of stress of your job, the amount of central nervous system insults that you have incurred, and whether you were able to heal / integrate them before the next one happened, what generation you are in (the young people under the age of 25 are experiencing much more familial gene expression for a variety of reasons including stress and their parents’ perception of stress), whether you were affected by the huge amount of societal changes that America has had (i.e. housing crisis, stock market crashes…overall corporate white collar criminals trying to steal your money…), your availability of emergency financial support in difficult times, how much change you have gone through and how quickly, your experience, exposure and the effect of natural disasters and earth /climate change on you, your family, your stability and your body, where you grew up and the enviromental toxins associated with that, how fast paced your lifestyle is, what industry you are in, how secure your livelihood is, how many vacations you take, how high the expectations on you are and whether you can meet them, your relationship status, your family’s belief systems about emotional expression, the communication and conflict skills of your family, whether your family and support system drinks or uses drugs, your race and whether you are experiencing discrimination, whether you are a vegetarian and how your body responds to that (contrary to what much of the medical industry is proposing, large amounts of people experience negative gene expression merely BECAUSE they are a vegetarian), gender, geographic location, whether and how much the gene expression of a characteristic was expressed WHEN you were conceived and during prenatal development, how many generations had experienced the gene expression prior to you and the amount of information that they had about appropriately caring for their bodies, and whether they let that gene expression contribute to other malformations before you were conceived…

…For many, the amount of factors that they would NEED to have control of are not * in* their control, and the information is not available to them about how to protect themselves. So as much as the generations who are 60 years old and older would want everyone to believe that everything is their control, they are oftentimes out of touch with the challenges faced by the younger generations and those who come from cultural groups that are different then theirs.

This is why one of the reasons that cancer rates are SOOOOO high.

However, the Belief that we have control over our gene expression and the desire to live a life that supports our health is absolutely primary for staying healthy and acquiring the guidance that we need to protect ourselves.  Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that we
should never operate at more than 70% capacity. That way we can be prepared for the
unexpected events. Reduced stress is essential for limiting unhealthy (family illness) gene
expression (like cancer, diabetes or heart problems…)…/

Most of us were raised to believe that the genes we were born with are our destiny and the diseases that run in the family are most likely coming for us too