With Mother’s day coming, my gripe for the day


(Some of) The Baby Boomers are truly the most selfish group of people that I have every met. I can honestly say that if they weren’t so greedy and materialistic the world would be in MUCH better shape. They are CONSTANTLY stealing from the future, to uplift themselves. And they are so disrespectful to the feelings of others. They constantly put money, and their own personal advancement and gain, before the feelings, wellbeing and needs of others. And think this is just “what people do”.  They care about their “respect” but do not respect others. The power and control games, the egotism and entitlement blow me away. And they think it is Completely Normal. I am especially disgusted and angered by what i call the “white folk materialism entitlement syndrome” (I am caucasion, by the way, but CANNOT relate to these MEAN people.  I studied Ethical Business and Socially Responsible Marketing in college).  Few of them have effective conflict resolution skills and plow right over others and their feelings. They get into positions of power and DO NOT use it for betterment of anything. (For the don’t even know what that would look like). Their attitude is “I got mine…Screw you”. This is one of the reasons that their children are dying BEFORE them. So many of the women, in particular, are narcistic, workaholic, control freaks who have NO compassion for anyone else or their challenges. I THANK GOD for my Mom who was the kindest, most compassionate, understanding, accepting person that I know. She had her challenges but CLEARLY was NOT like her peers. I love my Mom. Thanks for not holding me back Mom and thanks for letting me realize my potential. Thanks for not being a narcissistic, sociopath that tried to control my feelings or emotional expression. The other women your age group can SURELY learn a lot from your kindness. If other women my mom’s age were like this, PERHAPS we would be closer to World Peace but look where we are today. SOOOO far away from that because the women became some sick version of a man instead of being in their Feminine Power. Thanks Mom for not being a numb robot bowing to the materialistic, Almighty Dollar gods of America. Thanks for putting your personal growth, emotional and physical healing BEFORE asset accumulation or ownership of STUFF. Thanks for showing me what was important in life. Thanks for caring about others and loving everyone. AND thanks for showing me how to be a HUMAN, with a real heart and a desire to give to and help others.  I NOW understand why you had so many of the challenges that you did. The culture you were in was SICK. THANK YOU God that there are women in the world who are not judgmental, discriminatory, egomaniacs.

Some women in the world treat people like they are disposable because THEY do not want to do the personal growth that is needed to understand another or have compassion for another’s experience. Some are so busy doing self promoting activities that they have no space in their life to help or uplift another. At SOME point one might ask “How much is ENOUGH?”. “How much do you need to have before you give to or share with another?”, “At what POINT, do you start giving back?”, “At what point do you realize that ALL of your focus and goals are on YOURSELF and none or minimal are about helping make the world a better place, helping humanity, or making a difference in the world”. At what point do you realize that it is better to feel and be human than it is to be a numb, producing, asset accumulating, shut down, unkind robot?”

Thank God they are not all like that. Thank God SOME women are willing to look at how the culture of America creates illness and they work to improve themselves instead of judging others who have been affected by that. Thank God, SOME do their emotional and physical healing work, they are personally responsible, and Therefore kind, compassionate and accepting. SOME are not workaholics, are balanced, harmonious and emotionally generous.  SOME are part of the NEW World. Some are part of a world that WORKS FOR EVERYONE!!!  SOME have no addictions, feel their feelings, and respect how HARD THAT is in this culture. SOME know how hard it is to stay healthy in this culture when lack of compassion and support is the NORM. SOME do not plow ahead, they ask questions, look at themselves and discern…”Is this good for EVERYONE?” and “DID my behavior have an influence on their emotional expression?”