A world that works for ALL.


Black, blue, yellow, red, purple, rainbow, male, female, and the Animals upon the planet that are with all of us. $50 million people voted for Obama. Let us gather together in the vision and knowingness that racial harmony can and does exist. These actions of violence throughout the country are NOT a testament of the consciousness of the people of America. Let’s pray and unify around the idea that we CAN and DO live in a peaceful, harmonious world, where everyone matters and there is NO need for violence, scapegoating or brutality. Let us live in our own personal harmonious worlds, to demonstrate, what does harmony look like and how is it achieved.
Let us ALL take a deep breath, focus on the harmony that we support and SEE THERAPISTS if we need to express rage and pain for all of the the insanity and violence, that we have seen in the world. Let us move our pain about the disharmony, and focus on a world that IS harmonious. Let us all focus on our own judgementalism, and replace it with unconditional love for all beings. 

Let us be aware: of when we act too soon without pause, where we operate from having experienced too much stress, and when we do not consider others in our actions. Let’s all breathe deeply and slow down, and use our intuition to lead us to the greatest good for all.

Let us let go of our personal selfishness and surrender to the higher order of us ALL being happy in a world that works for ALL. Let us let go of what blocks us in receiving the gifts of harmony with ALL.

There is safety in unity arournd a common vision of harmony. Let us be led by our Spirit that teaches us how to get along with others, how to be kinder, gentler, more loving, more accepting, and more compassionate. I truly believe that we can Remember being harmonious and we can act toward and support a world that works for ALLLLLLL living beings. I Trust that we can all find a higher place that supports ALL life.