North Korea

(Posted on 4/5/2017)

The MOST compelling issue of our time:

North Korea has the ability to strike against the United State with NUCLEAR weapons. There is NO WINNER in nuclear war. It affects EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on the planet. THIS SHOULD BE WHAT the biggest protests are addressing. Womens rights, reproductive rights, gay rights, climate change, NONE of those issues matter if we go to nuclear war. THE ONLY OPTION is diplomacy or something OTHER than FIGHTING. When two bullies (US – Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un) knock heads, it winds up in BATTLE. We cannot wind up in battle with North Korea. WORLD WAR III is NOT an option. They are protesting “Imperialistic” overreach. And rightly so.

Recently Kim Jon-un’s brother was murdered. And he is MAD. And as usual when a bully gets mad they look for a scapegoat. This man will NOT respond favorably to force, bullying or threats!!!

Nuclear War is NOT AN OPTION!!!