(Originally published on 4/6/2017)

The terrorists are people from ALL OVER THE PLANET, many protesting “imperialistic over-reach”. They are NOT ENTIRE countries. To have an attack on an entire country will put all of AMERICA at risk for more attacks. North Korea has had a nuclear rocket (not missile) pointed at US for a long time. We are in a very DANGEROUS moment in history.

There is a MASSIVE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS going on in Syria and hundreds of thousands of people in danger. ALEPPO!

And WE have already assaulted the innocent victims.

The terrorists are people protesting OUR (U.S.) “the end justifies the means” behaviors, they are people protesting that America has stolen things from them. It is young 20 year old men who cannot find a job, and young people who are anxious and overwhelmed and put on SSRIs (which have side effect of suicidal and homocidal thoughts). It is the disenfranchised, those victimized by social injustice, those who have lost everything to corporate criminals and those who have renounced AMERICAN citizenship because of the insanity that goes on here (the numbers are staggering). It is young men who are being shown videos of all the harms that America has done, people who know about our Drone Strikes and killing of others to “protect other people from potential terrorism”, it is those opposing our PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES.

This trauma and pain and anger does NOT go away and more violence is carried out. It is people who have become empowered by our (short-lived) cultural empowerment (even as weird as it has seemed), to not take bullying, force and traumatization from others any more. It is the young people of the world who are sick from environmental toxins, overstress, working for peanuts (income similar to in the 70s) while paying outrageous prices, it is people who cannot stand America’s brutality of other people, disrespect of native people and exploitation of the world and it’s resources, it is people who no longer have places to live because their islands are under water because of America – induced climate change. It is people fighting GREED, the angry children and grandchildren and great, great grandchildren of warriors that were killed in previous wars that America thought it “WON”.

It is people who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere, and people fighting white supremacy, and those fighting the religious wars, that WE started, it is the socially active 20 year olds that see that because some people are too greedy, they will never even have the basics of life, it is people who have no clean air or water or food because of others taking too much and thinking that pollution is ok. It is those who are living in drought because of climate change that WE are responsible for, It is the children and grandchildren of warriors that survived and who have transgenerational epigenetic influence (born and built into the genes now) of PTSD, it is the people whose genes do not allow them to detox all of the environmental toxins and their livers back up and now they feel rage. It is those working in 3rd world countries, in sweatshops and slave laborers “serving America’s needs”, it is those under piles of American garbage that we send on barges to their country, sorting through the trash and having endocrine system disruption from all of the plastics. It is the children (of warriors) who got the crap beat out of them in youth (because their parent had post traumatic stress and were not able to control their responses or were physiological incapable of discerning their children from the person who tried to kill them in war), it is those who have parents who beat them up because they were traumatized and became alcoholics or drug addicts, it is the people who saw family members murdered in front of them, or saw or heard about genocide so that people can “kill off all semblances of violence or future violence’, it is people who had entire families who were killed, and had no recourse for their pain.

It is people who survived or heard about other wars, and think that OUR “leadership” looks too “Hitlerlike’, or “fascist”. It is the children who are 5 generations away from the last war and their bodies are genetically damaged from the trauma of their ancestors.
It is those that have seen or heard about the disrespect, exploitation, sexual abuse, molestation, rape and violence of women that goes on IN the American culture and they are fighting to protect women from THOSE kind of ills. Those people that do not believe in the American values of treating people and the animals on the planet like they are disposable or replaceable. And the people who are disgusted by what some of our “scientists” are doing and their disrespect for life, the farmers who have lost EVERYTHING including their villages of people who died because of what our companies sold them.

It is people (and descendents) who WE have contaminated with nuclear waste, who have been harmed by our weapon testing, and who have been harmed by OUR chemical warfare and toxins.

It is people who have been screwed over (excuse my french) by America (and related people) that want to play a win-lose game of winner takes all – winner OWNS all ).

It is people protesting power and control games engaged by people who have low self esteem and feel big by hurting others, people protesting people who can NEVER get enough no matter how much money they have, because their workaholic, monopolistic games are about trying to get mommy or daddy’s love, which one can never do by acquiring stuff. It is people protesting the American culture of suppressing their pains and issues, pretending like they don’t exist, and putting all of one’s energy into the physical world to pretend the emotional, psychological and spiritual worlds do not exist, instead of facing our pains and healing them. People protesting our addiction culture and all of the harm that it does within itself and to others.

The cycle of violence NEVER ENDS. It just keeps on, and increases and grows and gains speed and momentum and hurts more people.
We, Americans, LIVE in a trauma culture that has LOST CONTROL.
The number of people with stress related illnesses and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms) is astounding. Trump is a product of this culture and it keeps him awake at night. Lack of sleep causes people to make ineffective decisions.

This culture has affected EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET and they are not just “taking it” anymore. WE are losing an entire population of young people, dying BEFORE their parents. We are making EVERYONE sick, including ourselves. WE have initiated the 6th MASS EXTINCTION!

ONE in TWO of people between the ages of 35-55 are fighting for their lives. And people aren’t just standing by and watching the victimization anymore, they are fighting back.

The “alternative facts” of this world, are just not working anymore…Reality is being seen clearly.

As a daughter, of a Vietnam Vet who had PTSD, I know better than anyone, NO ONE WINS IN WAR…WE NEED TO STOP THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE.

There is no AXIS of EVIL that we are fighting.

The ENEMY is those that THINK:
VIOLENCE IS OK, that the ‘ends justify the means”, that “greed is good” and “it is ok to harm others to get ahead”, “don’t feel, so that you do not react to my abuse” and you can “do whatever you want, to get whatever you want”. The enemy is consumerism and thinking the THINGS are more important than PEOPLE and NATURE, and the Earth we live on.

No one will defend US because WE are the problem.

And all of us will be even more unsafe and even more responsible for the ill wills of the world.

We have had enough violence and war and harm to last everyone on the planet a lifetime.


And this is the basis for my rEvolution.

We need to protest the escalating violence. NUCLEAR WAR IS NOOOOOOT AN OPTION.