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She has a track record of Excellence since 1982

Patrice is a spiritual businesswoman, healer and teacher with over 30 years of Business and Leadership experience. Her experience ranges from Entry level to Executive Management, from start-up businesses to international corporations. The bulk of her of experience is in Sales and Marketing. In addition, she has worked in almost every functional area of business.  

She is an award winning professional speaker / trainer and has taught communication, professional image and team building to over 20,000 people throughout the world. She has taught in 27 of the United States, and throughout Canada and Australia.

In 2006, Patrice became a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) . She holds four additional Certifications: Self Worth, Overcoming Fears & Phobias, Stress Management, and Emotional Intelligence. Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for managing the body’s stress response.

She has received additional hypnotherapy training in Profit, Personal Power & Prosperity and has a Board Certification in Medical Hypnotherapy (CMH).  She specializes in Insomnia, PTSD (especially from natural disasters), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), adrenal exhaustion, central nervous system disruption, hormone disturbance and thyroid issues. In addition, she has studied and uses a broad spectrum of subtle energy and healing techniques.

Between 1998 and 2007, she contracted as an international speaker with one of the largest training companies in the world, which is used by all of the Fortune 500 companies. She conducted public and on-site seminars teaching communication, professional image, teambuilding and diplomacy to audiences from 12 people to 1200.

In February 2000, she was selected as one of two trainers (out of a pool of 400) to assist in the design and initial presentation of a new Seminar on Diplomatic Communication. This seminar is now taught internationally.

Patrice is Certified by the Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education (CERT 1999) to teach Business and Business Communications. From 1998-2007 Patrice was an instructor for the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, CA where she taught business, sales, marketing, communication professional image and spirituality in business.

From 1996-1998, Patrice partnered with a retail store-owner to implement her ideas in teambuilding, creating company culture, and sales training. She and the owner also focused on creating an environment that supported the heart and soul of each of the employees. The results were phenomenal – the average sale increased 250% and the store’s highest recorded sale nearly tripled.

The store enjoyed the benefits of low turnover (in a high-turnover industry), high employee morale, high team spirit, high productivity and efficiency, low absenteeism, an extremely harmonious (yet culturally diverse) environment and almost nonexistent tardiness; This, in turn, reduced recruiting, training and absenteeism-related expenses. Earth Connections Environmental Store had such a positive reputation in the community that there was a waiting list of at least 50 applicants seeking employment.

In 1997, as part of the management team for Earth Connections, Patrice received the “Environmental and Socially Responsible Business Award” presented by Businesses for Social Responsibility.

After having interviewed over 3000 business owners and executives as a Business Analyst at Dun & Bradstreet, Patrice began doing business development consulting. Since 1992, she has served small and medium sized businesses and has coached managers and executives in the following areas: business, leadership, sales, marketing, financial and interpersonal success, and corporate image.

Throughout her career in Corporate America, she completed seven intensive sales training programs and was an award-winning salesperson for such companies as: Dun & Bradstreet, NutriSystem Weight Loss Centers, Avon Products Inc and Road Runner Sports, Inc. She has experience in sales, customer service and training for one of the Leading Inbound Call Centers in the nation.

She became Certified as a Personal Image Consultant in 1989 and has continued to help people create their best first impression since then. “You never get a second chance, to make a first impression”. She also helps companies with corporate image and business development.

Patrice studied Ethical Business Management, Socially Responsible Marketing, Positive Psychology, Transformational Leadership and Spirituality in Business at the University of San Diego, CA. She graduated Summa Cum Laude (highest honors) in 1989, was a member of two honor societies and started three organizations on campus while working up to 30 hours per week. University of San Diego is one of the top social changemaker schools in the country and their MBA program is listed #3 in the world.

Patrice graduated Salutatorian (#2 out of 347 students) from Herbert Hoover High School in Advanced Placement classes. She started and ran her first business from the ages of 14-18 years. That income together with scholarships, grants and work-study, financed 100% of her college education.

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