Mission / Vision / Purpose


To assist organizations and individuals in realizing their potential

and attaining their greatest level of success,
which is in alignment with the greatest good for all.

To engage in
• Speaking • Training • Consulting • Coaching
• teach • assist • support • inspire
people to have more
• solace* • clarity • peace • harmony • love
• joy • success • prosperity •
in their lives.

To support individuals and organizations
in bringing more heart and soul
to everything they do.

To help people to have love and kindness as the foundation
of all of the decisions that they make in their lives.

* Solace – A state where the heart and soul are at rest.
To find relief, comfort, console, cheer, to receive emotional strength



“My life is dedicated to studying, understanding and experiencing deeper levels of personal peace, interpersonal harmony and divine love.”

“I see myself as an instrument for bringing about
more peace, harmony and love
into the world through the work that I do,
the person that I am and am becoming.”

“I envision and take action toward
Peace and Harmony Among All Living Things.”

“I envision and take action toward
living in a world where Love is the Foundation
for all of the decisions that people make in their lives.”


To support the creation of more love in the world.

To assist people in having more love, in all areas of their lives.

To assist in the creation of a world that works for all,
as a result of clear decisions, intention for the highest good
and actions based in love.

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