My views on Anarchy

Order / Organization that is for the Greatest Good of All is better than selfish greed in any form. The answer to ineffective leadership is not “no leadership”. It is effective, transformational, high integrity, ethical, inspired leadership. That will not happen until the people change and vote for someone or listen to someone who is healthy.

Anarchy in America (US) would be a selfish, power grab by All (Rather than the selfish power grab by just the select few). Most people in America are unhealthy mentally AND physically. Just about everyone is using some kind of drug. Until people get drug free and address core issues, it will be unsafe for ANY of them to have power that can affect others’ lives. So i certainly don’t trust those people to do behaviors that are the highest good of all when they can’t even do the highest good for themselves. Self leadership doesnt work in a society until people are healthy. Otherwise everyone is just violating everyone else.

Proper leadership is through inspired action and wisdom and leading by example. There are people who do this, but Ameicans don’t choose them as leaders.

I studied transformational leadership in 1985 (and one of the books we used was written in 1967). We have yet to see it in this country (USA). “We, the people”, do not choose to have order that is based in integrity, doing the right thing, heart led, emotional health…Until we, as humanity, choose that love and integrity are more important than money and that healthy emotional behavior is more important than suppression, we, the people, will continue to chose people who lead us astray.

Over and over in this country (US) i see people doing behaviors of “This doesn’t work, let’s do the opposite” A psychologist-friend of mine would always say “180% away from insanity is still insanity”.

We need teachers who teach people what truly healthy behavior is, then self governance might work.


Profound Ponderings & Words Of Wisdom:© Manifesting‏

Profound Ponderings and Words Of Wisdom:©


Neither workaholic mode, nor sitting around overwhelmed
about how to create your desire (and ultimately complete
inaction) are the solution for bringing forth your highest

Codependently distracting ourselves from our problem,  by
trying to “help” another, will also not give us the answer.

The solution is:

Attending to the part of us that is scared, giving it a voice,
learning anything that it has to teach us,

that our every need is met with ease, effortlessness,and grace.
that trust will create relaxation which opens us to divine ideas
and inspiration.

Courageously taking action toward our divine inspirations and following
our internal/divine guidance moving toward success (following our “higher” self’s instructions)

Stepping into the unknown and do that which is for the highest good

Being open to the successes that we create and feeling receptive
and grateful for the good that comes.