Who indicted oatmeal?

With all of this momentum to support the paleo diet, I would like to remind everyone the “180 degrees away from insanity, is still insanity”. We need to eat balanced diets. Yes for O blood type and those who cannot pull off the vegetarian diets, protein is not only important, it is a priority. But we must not throw the baby out with the bath water. Protein is a building block for almost everything going on in the body including the building of DNA.

Yes, as far as protein goes, we should not eat more than our palm size of meat at any time (as thick as a deck of cards). It is hard for the body to digest and causes the body to be acidic. (not to mention putting the body at risk for heart problems). It should be grass fed/ “finished” beef or animals and pasture raised chicken…Organic only (otherwise you are at risk for gmos and all of the toxicity that goes with that). (Finished means that the animals were fed grass all way up to their transition day. IE they were not fed grains the last month to fatten them up)

We should be eating 7-9 veggies (and about 2 fruits) a day. This should be our primary focus because this is our pharmacy of good health. We need to eat the rainbow of colors every day to protect us from environmental toxicity. Veggies support us in being alkaline, which protects us from disease. They also give us good fiber to keep us regular.

We also need healthy fats, like omega 3s and some (but less) omega 6, like coconut oil. Nurses say we should have a 2:1 ratio of omega 3s to 6s. Two omega 3s for every 6. These can come from avocados, nuts (although some nuts are higher in 6s), and high quality extra virgin olive oil (virgin can be used for cooking at low temperatures). Walnuts are a good choice for nuts (and are good for the brain) and brazil nuts are considered the queen of nuts – although for many it is an acquired taste.

Now… Let’s talk about oatmeal. There is no evidence to support or validate that oatmeal is not good for the body…Quite the contrary, there are volumes of studies that demonstrate that oatmeal is good for our body. The American diet is way to focussed on grains, so I would say, “yes, we need to cut back on grains”.

Leading edge doctors who have studied nutrition recommend that we do not eat more than a cup, or half a cup a day of grains per day. They recommend that we avoid wheat because it is so hybridized that most peoples’ bodies do not even recognize it, and there is also a concern that GMO/GE wheat can taint the organic wheat. Some gluten grains are bad for people with sensitivity to them, however I feel that a bigger issue is that some people already have so much inflammation in their gut that gluten just exaserbates the problem. (There can be other issues also, like mercury / or other heavy metal toxicity in the gut, which can also contribute to this gut inflammation…)

Each individual has certain tolerances and sensitivities to certain foods, including grains. For one a pecan might be a godsend, of another it might be a poison. The same is true for grains. I am O blood type (“the natural meat eater”) and I am highly allergic to wheat and spelt, but my body loves oatmeal and buckwheat (among others).

So my recommendation is, if your body reacts to a specific grain, don’t eat it. An allergic reaction can follow all the way up to 10 days after you eat a food. It can include mood swings and emotions, anger (from the liver detoxing) or the myriad of physical issues including acnes or rashes. Some doctors recommend that you eliminate a food for 6 months, then bring it back and eat a lot of it for a period of time and see if your body reacts. Another option is to get a blood test to find out food allergies and sensitivities. This can cost $300-800.

So back to oatmeal and low risk (non gmo) grains. Grains can have a mineral in them called Lithium. Lithium is well known in the medical industry as a medication used to stabilize mood swings (for bipolar). This is just one of many nutrients in oatmeal and other grains that is beneficial for the body. Brown rice and black beans are also a great nutritional combo because they equate to a full protein, high fiber and they are less taxing to the body’s digestive system than meat. 

Grains can also support the creation of serotonin (our happy drugs in our body), if they are appropriate for your body. 

There is nothing wrong with being a healthy OMNIVORE. And eating the full spectrum of food available, as long as you are getting the right amount of veggies and protein and you are not overdoing it with any particular food. The concept of eating well balanced meal, has never gone away. With registered dieticians, the “food pyramid” has been gone for a long time. Because almost the entire news media is owned by a few people, good accurate information about health rarely reaches the news and the american public. Don’t be afraid to eat oatmeal or other grains that work for your body as long as you are only eating about a half cup per meal. I will eat a beef sausage patty, which I make, collard greens (or any colorful veggies) and 1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast. Oftentimes I will the same thing for lunch that I make for breakfast so that I save time on food prep. Or I will eat the same thing for breakfast that I ate for dinner so that I don’t have to cook again.

And remember food allergies can be created by eating the same thing every day or limiting your food options to your favorite 25 foods. Mix it up, eat seasonal veggies, and eat the right foods in the right proportions for your body. Don’t overdo ANY foods or your will wind up with different health issues.

And, as a sidenote. Although we all love bacon, the processing of it can lead to  any end product that is less than ideal for our health (and extremely toxic that can contribute to infertility and impotence). Focus on healthy, less processed cuts of beef and pork and get your fats from healthy options. If you are craving fats eat olive oil and coconut oils.



Hmmm. Funny. Don’t completely agree. But like what she said about self respect.


While I don’t think that you have to ‘wait til marriage to have sex’, I do believe everything that she said about self worth. I believe the “wait til you get married to have sex” thing is the reason so many people married the wrong person and got divorced later. It is also the reason that so many people get married too young. Studies show that young people who wait til at least 26 or 28 years old, to get married are much more successful with marriage than those who get married earlier. And they are also better equipped to be more patient, stable, loving parents. (Stability is absolutely essential for a child’s overall health). They also have a better sense of who they are, and what they want and need, have had time to work through some of their issues and tend to choose better matches. They have had time to develop some sense of autonomy, and some time to possibly think of their individual purpose (other than child-rearing). While there can be some exceptions to these comments, I think it is important for a person to know who they are, before they commit before God/dess and everyone to be with another person for the rest of their life.

I believe that sex is a special experience and that it is a way of expressing love.  Although in many circles of singles, they tell me that there is something wrong with me that I do not just have casual sex (or date people for the sole purpose of having sex) and that I am not as ‘evolved’ because I don’t participate in “Polyamory” (another word they use for multiple sex partners), I stick with my original beliefs that “sex is something special and it is about love”. I believe that sex is something beautiful to be cherished. I have received a lot of criticism for this idea, in a world that vascilates between puritanical abstention and lustful, greedy obsession with sexuality. And when I was younger, I was rejected many times for not “putting out”.

Many singles use sex as a ‘drug of choice’ and make others wrong for not participating. Also this thing of ‘serial monogamy’ i.e. relationship addiction where you use a person ’til you are bored with them, then move on to the next person (usually before your last relationship was even over), is in my opinion a way of not dealing with your issues or doing proper grief work. It is harmful to the person doing it, because they get stuck in patterns of insecure attachment that could potentially leave them single forever, and it is harmful to their love interest who feels used when they are dumped for the next interesting person. Women can have 300 times the oxytocin (bonding chemical) as men.  When it is a man “rebounding” and dumping his partner for someone else, it can leave a woman traumatized. The chemicals in a woman’s body (who has a healthy/secure attachment /bonding mechanism) can cause her to feel overwhelmed, as well as excruciating pain. Oxytocin withdrawal (in the words of a nurse friend of mine) is literally biochemically equivalent to cocaine withdrawal. Relationships need to be gently moved from, and issues need to be worked through, for both parties to be healthy at the end. The days of randomly using people and disposing of them when you are done, in a selfish way to get needs met, without regard for others, are over.

More older women are dating younger men because men their own age are ignorant, immature or disrespectful.  So those men, who are just randomly using women until their 30s or 40s (when they are ready to settle down), are often left behind when high quality women date younger men who are can be more caring, respectful, appreciative and attractive. Also studies show that rebound relationships are rarely successful. They rarely result in two healthy people coming together to have a healthy relationship.

The societal patterns are that people are waiting longer to get married (especially if they have divorced parents), with people waiting til their 30s, or even early 40s for their first marriage. To tell them they have til wait to they are 40 to have sex is not realistic (and literally can be harmful to their health). But even if they are waiting til they find a good match, to realize their dreams, or to have their career in order before they marry, they still need to be honest, open and responsible with how they have sex and who they have sex with. I hear all the time people say “I told him /her that I didn’t want a relationship, before I had sex with him/her. I dont know why she/he is so attached”. This is not how the body works for someone who is emotionally available. People bond, oxytocin creates a bond, and people can be attached when they have sex. It is the person who just wants “to play” who is responsibility to pick the right person with whom to “play”. And to be responsible. The day of “there are no victims; it is your fault if I hurt you” are over. If you are setting up someone to get hurt, and they feel traumatized when you are done with them. You are responsible. Or shall I say, “you have been irresponsible”.

Unconditional love and responsible people do not leave a trail of bodies, or people who feel traumatized.  If you are responsible, honest, open and choose the right people, there is no reason that people will feel traumatized from their experience with you. If you want to just “play” then do not choose people who want a commitment, even if they are naive (inexperienced) and think they can handle it. If someone hasn’t been burned before, by someone just wanting ‘fun’, when they want a serious, committed relationship, and they don’t know how much pain can be involved with that, it is OUR job to protect them from that type of harm. We are responsible to make sure that what we do, does not harm another. The days of take everything you can get, not caring about our impact on others, selfish greed, the ends justify the means and if you get hurt by me, it’s your fault for not protecting yourself better are over. Innocent people don’t know they need to protect themselves from others. It is OUR job to not harm the innocent or vulnerable, not THEIR job to walk around defensive so that they do not get hurt. The job of the inner male, and men in our society is to protect others, even if it is to protect them from themselves. The days of recklessly, selfishly using people and their bodies to get ahead are over. We all know that rape is not ok. Neither is just using people for sex and disposing them. The days of using people for their ideas and energy and not giving something in return are also over.

People can love you…

People can spend time with others, they can be thinking of others, they
can not even have you in their awareness or thoughts, they can
forget about you and leave you places and still love you.
They can go crazy and hurt you and terrorize you and still love you.
They can lose control, and do horrible things, and still love you.
The deeper their feelings go, the more they can be experiencing.
They can completely, energetically, emotionally and physically disappear and still love you.
They can lose their mind, heart, soul and control, and still love you.
They can express the dark side, be possessed, express anger and rage, react extremely unkindly, and still love you.
They can test you, and push you to your limits and drive you crazy, and still love you.
They can be stressed, and maintain their composure, kindness and respect and still love you.
They could watch you walk away and not yell, scream or react and still love you.
They can date someone else, and marry them, and spend all of their time with them and and their children, and their new life and goals and purpose and still love you…Deeply.
They could be completely dignified, have no passion or intensity, not miss you when you are gone, not reach out to spend time with you and still love you.
They could see you in pain and reacting to them, and still love you.
They could be confused about how to act, and what to do, and how to be and still love you.
They can focus their energy on themselves, do personal growth, work on their goals that are separate and different than yours, could go in a completely different direction, spend no time with you and still love you.
They could pull away in terror and fear of being hurt, they could pull back in fear, recoil or see issues that they don’t know how to deal with, they can be overwhelmed by your issues and take space, they can feel drained, they can feel overwhelmed, go into their cave, be alone and not talk to anyone and still love you.
They could work non stop without thinking of you for weeks, have other “more important/pressing” things to do, and still love you.
They can not call you, and not express interest, and pull back to not be hurt, and still love you.
They can be intimidated by your magnificence, they can be overwhelmed by your beauty, pushed back by your fear, and still love you.
They can hear your pain and accept your challenges and still love you.
They can not want to spend the rest of their life in a married relationship with you and still love you.

You are worthy and deserving of love. But ultimately it isn’t about worth and deserving-ness. It is about Grace. Can you receive and accept the gift from God that you haven’t earned. The gift of Grace, the love that comes so big that you could never earn it or deserve it, and merely have to say “This is too big, it is from God, I accept it even though I know that I could never do enough to deserve it.”

Profound Ponderings & Words Of Wisdom:© Manifesting‏

Profound Ponderings and Words Of Wisdom:©


Neither workaholic mode, nor sitting around overwhelmed
about how to create your desire (and ultimately complete
inaction) are the solution for bringing forth your highest

Codependently distracting ourselves from our problem,  by
trying to “help” another, will also not give us the answer.

The solution is:

Attending to the part of us that is scared, giving it a voice,
learning anything that it has to teach us,

that our every need is met with ease, effortlessness,and grace.
that trust will create relaxation which opens us to divine ideas
and inspiration.

Courageously taking action toward our divine inspirations and following
our internal/divine guidance moving toward success (following our “higher” self’s instructions)

Stepping into the unknown and do that which is for the highest good

Being open to the successes that we create and feeling receptive
and grateful for the good that comes.

PP WOW: Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead.


Profound Ponderings Words Of Wisdom:©
Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead


Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead. The
new energy of the new world is the “Greatest Good
for All”. Where we have the spark of idea, inspiration
or impulse to do something and we pause and ask
“Is this good for all?”, “Does it have any negative
impact on anyone or anything?”, “Are there any
negative outcomes that can come from this?”

And if the answer is that there are some negative
outcomes, they must be worked out, they must
be fixed before moving forward. We must get the
ducks in the row BEFORE moving forward. The time
of selfishly bumbling through, not caring about anyone
but oneself, is dead, over, fini. The time of ignoring
all the possible mistakes and problems, and waiting
for negative energies to manifest before we deal
with them has ended. The time of not healing our
issues and ignorantly just handing them over to our
children is done.

It is easier to deal with negative energies on the
subtle energy level than it is on the physical level.
It is easier to fix an incorrect thought, than it is
to refreeze a polar ice cap. It is easier to hear our
guidance, and to follow it, then it is to clean up
all the horrible things that we manifest by not
listening to it.

No one is interested in selfishness anymore. We have
seen the impact of it on the world, the people, the
land itself. The new trend is to subtly boycott
those that are not offering businesses, or services
that are in complete integrity. There are so many
options for choosing integrity people and services.
Why would we continue to go to those
that are not in integrity? We all know that
there is pain in lack of integrity. We are all starting
to make conscious choices when it comes to
services being in integrity, and the highest
good for all.

The truth is that there is short-term pain of being
in integrity. BUT nothing as large as the long
term pain of being out of integrity. Business
people sometimes don’t make as much money
doing the right thing, but in the long-term, they
still have their health, and mental and physical

It is like foregoing the chocolate cake for dessert
to stay healthy and fit. It hurts a little to say “no”,
but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it would
to be obese and barely be able to walk around, or
for our body to deteriorate from lack of care.
The health care bills and cost of not caring for
our bodies is massive, compared to the cost
of passing up on some junk food.

Integrity is the same. It hurts a little in the
moment, but the fact that we manifest our
dreams, with a clean heart and conscience
is priceless. The long-term pain of doing damage
or harm to others is huge, even though one
might not notice the gradual increase of
energy that it takes to ignore the subtle
energy (pain of guilt, remorse and shame),
and how debilitating and exhausting
it is to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Some go through life looking for all of the shortcuts
with no concern or care about who they hurt, these
people and businesses can no longer survive in the
new economy.

People are learning now how to “vote with their dollar”. And
the more people do this, the more the low integrity business
will fall to the wayside like old, primitive, dead, dinosaurs.

How we get to where we are going dictates the
energy that the business or endeavor will have
when it prospers. If we are workaholics, using low
integrity marketing concepts, employing people
who are aggressive, uncaring or pushy, we will
have just that, a business that makes us sick,
lonely and mentally challenged. We will have
a company full of relationship issues, discord,
disharmony and stress. We will have to be
workaholics to sustain it, and ultimately any
money we create won’t be worth the price
we have paid.

The desire to push, force, cut corners, do shortcuts
to get ahead, ultimately only sabotages long-term

Attending to detail and doing things with love, kindness,
integrity and consciousness, creates more of the same.

The energy that we manifest from expands and multiplies.
What energy is your business manifesting from?

Are you manifesting from love, consciousness, heart-felt
desire, inner guidance, desire to compassionately, intentionally
and consciously co-create with others, and synergistically
share your gifts and talents with others, desiring to do the
same for the upliftment and benefit of all? Are you surrendered
to and co-creating with a power larger than yourself? Or
are you the Captain of the ship, flying by the seat of your
pants, operating from gut, but not asking how it impacts

Are you doing what is in alignment with the highest
good for all? Or are you doing something else? And if so,

The creation of a happy, sustainable, healthful business
comes from the inside out. Our desire to completely heal
our issues and create from a place of clarity and intention.