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Patrice Amore’ Carington is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.
With advanced certifications in:

Self Worth
Stress Management
Emotional Intelligence
Overcoming Fears and Phobias

She has received additional hypnotherapy training in Profit, Power & Prosperity. She is presently working toward an additional Board Certification in Medical Hypnotherapy (CMH).

In 2003, Patrice became a minister with of the Universal Life Church online.
She can legally perform weddings, renewal of marriage, affirmation of love,
commitment ceremonies and house blessings.

Patrice is certified as an Angel Therapist Practitioner (ATP)® by internationally acclaimed Dr. Doreen Virtue, a 4th generation metaphysician, clairvoyant and spiritual Doctor of Psychology. Dr. Virtue holds BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees in counseling
psychology. She has written twenty-two books on mind-body-spirit issues, including
“Healing with the Angels” “Divine Guidance” and “Angel Therapy®”.

Patrice channels a variety of Angels, including the Angel of Adoration, Archangel
Chamuel (whose domain is Global Peace, Life Purpose, Relationships and Finding Soulmates).  She has had a personal relationship with this Angel dating all the way
back to when she was three years old (if not earlier).

She has studied with Dr. Donald J Walker, DC and has a certificate in Remote Viewing, Remote Healing and Medical Intuition.

She is also a Reiki Master within the Usui System of Natural Healing.

She conducts one-on-one programs and inspirational speaking to assist people to
actualize their highest life purpose and to enjoy the life that is for the highest good.

(Phone sessions, distance healing and business travel available.)

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Some of the Healing Modalities used by Patrice:


Intuitive Readings
Channeling Business Development Ideas
Channeling Marketing Plans
Channeling Product Ideas
Distance Healing
Energy Support
Energy Regulation
Guided Imagery
House Blessings
House Clearings
Inspirational Speaking
Remote / Distance Healing
Professional Speaking
Professional Speaker Support
Spiritual Counseling




“After the channeling, I noticed how much brighter the room looked.
My space & energy felt more powerful. I looked down at myself and I
even looked thinner! I cried with joy.

After I left I got an enormous rush of energy. Positive things followed
immediately after that. Two jobs called me back with offers. I used
my energy in a positive active way by playing racquetball.”

Ashlee Anderson, Holistic Healer

“I feel like I have gotten more connected in a way that feels more
real to me. It feels like a weight has been lifted. I feel like there is
some transformation that has occurred.”

Diana Robinson, Interior Designer – Business Owner

“Since our meeting, clients have been coming out of the woodwork
for (my company). Almost overnight!”


Courtney Pepper, Business Woman – Spiritual Channel


“The channeling session this afternoon was awesome. I had
volleyball this afternoon. I was thinking about the Angels a lot.
I played the best volleyball I’ve ever played! It was absolutely
wonderful. Thanks for showing me the light.”

Barbara Nyland, International Speaker –
Semi Professional Volleyball Player