Client Comments

What people are saying about Patrice’s healing work:

“I appreciate the wonderful session we had last week.  I feel much more at peace in my being, and my business exploded in the last two days, with two new business leads who have really plentiful contacts…

I understand when we get in touch with these deeper emotions to shift them, our whole universe can shift… and I really have felt a wonderful clearing during and after our session.

Amanda B.
Business Executive, Ashland, OR

“Patrice, whom is organizer with “Angels Circle” in Ashland, is wonderful and fantastic teacher, with a diversified education that goes far in advance of “Angel” therapy. I have received, to this date, two sessions with Patrice and she has helped me to open my divine awareness.

Since my sessions with her, I have been able to open myself up in ways to enlighten my purpose and realize “HOW” to begin my path after being uncertain of just how I would do this for some time. Anyone who is uncertain about life, in any fashion, would enjoy and be well served to see Patrice; she will help you find your divine way….I am a member of “Angels Circles” and hope to see YOU and all, joining this wonderful circle of love and divine purpose.”

Nanci L.
Medford, OR

“Patrice is the Real Thing! I have been with (many) teachers. I knew at once, Patrice is her Authentic Self, bringing through Divine Guidance, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love.

To All in Ashland and Planet Earth, see Patrice for the Real Healing.”

Dana B.
Advanced Healer, Ashland, OR

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“Patrice has been blessed with amazing gifts of clarity, wisdom and insight that enables others to discover their own inner wisdom. She has helped me immensely with her Angel Readings and guidance and I have referred her to many friends. We have all enjoyed the Angel Circles, and through Patrice, we have been able to reconnect with our positive energy and improve our own environments and perhaps, in time, improve the world.

Patrice uses her skills and gifts to help people heal wounds, manifest dreams or whatever is important to them. I was fortunate to have a hypnotherapy session with Patrice and she was my catalyst to assist me in gaining clarity on my purpose and find “right fit” employment for me. I had been frustrated for months with traditional methods of job seeking and was getting nowhere. Within a few days my session, I landed an important interview, which was followed by an Offer Letter! Patrice genuinely cares for those around her and she has a remarkable understanding of human nature. In the year that I’ve known her, and received guidance from her, I feel I have achieved important growth in all areas… emotionally, professionally and spiritually. I would recommend her to anyone, (and I have!), who is ready to clear their own path and re-discover the joy, clarity and love that we call LIFE!”

Angela M.
Sales Executive, Pacific Beach, CA

“Patrice was such a help for me during an exceptional time of change and transition… all for the highest good.. becoming the person who I really am…. With her help I got THE job!!!.. It was so exciting

The hypnotherapy has made such a difference in me, especialliy with the balance that she helped me to create.. I AM REALLY APPRECIATIVE…She helped me alot!!! I am pinching myself as if it was a dream.. now ..I will get paid very well for my hard work!!!”

Lori P.
Account Executive, San Diego, CA

“Patrice has provided so much to me. She has helped me work through a myriad of self confidence issues with real life problems and solutions.She has helped me find the words for so many things….She has giving proof that my dreams exist. I am very grateful. I was beginning to doubt my dreams were in the realm of possibility.

She has helped me define exactly what I want and need in my life partner. She has shown me which items are essential, the very top of my top ten list, and which are merely desires. Some have gotten moved to the rank of having no meaning at all.  She is a very special person.”

Michael C.
Software Engineer, San Diego, CA

“I found Patrice’s work to be extremely deep, by that I mean, if a person has the desire and capacity to allow themselves to be carried into themselves, they will find a state of peacefulness and serenity, that I have found rare to find by myself. Also the spirit and energy of who she is, allows people to access their healing energies and do some powerful change work on themselves.”

Bodie Z.
San Diego, CA

“I am grateful for a wonderful workshop. I learned a lot and am already putting it to use. I spent about five years doing presentation work around the state of Oregon several years back. Patrice’s work made me remember how much I enjoyed that work, and also what a challenge it can be. I’m glad she obviously loves it so much. It looks effortless for her.”

Barbara S.
Director of Education, San Diego, CA

I had all of the peripherals, and kind of knew what was going on, but Patrice really brought it in with such clarity for me in my session with her. Now, I can really move forward, I know exactly what I need to do. I am going to do the writing that I need to do and I am also going to do the artwork depicting all of this. So I am going to just move through this pattern effortlessly.

Also this work that I am going to do is part of my life work. It brings tears to my eyes just to say that.  I see it so clearly. This chunk is so needed.

I am so appreciative for her bringing that clarity.”

Marsha B.
Healer/Artist, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“I am appreciative for the channeling session. I thought it was awesome.

I had volleyball this afternoon. I was thinking about the angels a lot. I played the best volleyball I’ve ever played! It was absolutely wonderful.

Thanks for showing me the light.”

Barbara N.
International Speaker/Semi Professional Volleyball Player, San Diego, CA.

“Thank you for the beautiful reading you shared with me and the inspiration to expand into my true life’s work. Your reading was the extra gust of wind to fill my sails into a new horizon. You’re very gifted and a bright light in the world.”

Damon K.
Graphic Artist, Encinitas, CA

“Since our meeting, clients have been coming out of the woodwork for (my company). Almost overnight!”

Courtney P.
Business Woman/Spiritual Channel, Los Angeles, CA

“Patrice really spoke and touched into a huge essence of who I am. I feel like I have gotten more connected in a way that feels more real to me. It feels like a weight has been lifted. I feel like there is some transformation that has occurred.

I am appreciative for the gift of her energy. Patrice is a radiant being of light. Her light is the space she can hold. I don’t know anybody who can hold a space like she does.”

Diana R.
Business owner/Interior Designer, Del Mar, CA

“My Angel Channeling with Patrice was more like an Energy Channeling. After the channeling, I noticed how much brighter the room looked. I looked down at myself and I even looked thinner. I cried with joy. Patrice even looked different and my space & energy felt more powerful!After I left I got an enormous amount of energy. I wanted to run & skip & jump. Positive things followed immediately after that. Two jobs called me back with offers for me. I used my energy in a positive active way by playing racquetball.”

Ashlee A.
Holistic Healer, Orange County, CA

Three weeks after our healing session:
“I got the part time telemarketing job and today I got interviwed for a part time pet-sitting job.”

Maureen D.
San Diego, CA

“Thanks to the work that you have done with me, I have finally given up my addictive behaviors, and I am finally off of Meds. YOU ARE A TRUE SAINT!!?”

Craig S., MBA
Marketing Consultant/Business Owner/Teacher, San Diego, CA

“Patrice and I did a prayer / visualization for abundance and unexpected miracle checks.

When I came back from the Weekend, there was a check from my regular employer totally unexpected, out of the blue, I still don?t know why, for $1158.We and the angels did good work! I am so grateful for her support, clarity and encouragement and the warm-up for that miracle.”

Jeff B.
Trainer/Workshop Leader/Yoga Instructor, Laguna Beach, CA

“Since our time together, everyday just feels even more magical (and I already thought it did) — Awesome! “

Raphiella A.
Financial Consultant, San Diego, CA

“Patrice’s work was TRULY wonderful for me. I know that our interaction has and continues to bless me and my work. Since our session, I am so much more aware of my ability to bring abundance into my practice. She spoke of receiving gifts flowing to me.

The gifts began flowing immediately. Five minutes after our session, I was introduced to a woman who asked me to speak at a metaphysical group. I am sure the Universe guided this meeting. On the way home, I stopped to gas up and use the “facilities”. The attendant apologized as it was out of order and sent me next door to a restaurant. Then he asked me what kind of coffee I wanted and made a fresh pot and insisted I take a cup for free! Then this week someone invited me to be a part of an event in Long Beach on the Queen Mary in Nov. It seems that I am IN THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE NOW!”

Ellany A.
Intuitive Consultant / Energy Healer, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Since working with Patrice, my relationships with my management has improved tremedously at work. She taught me simple, but very useful techniques that helped communication and led me to much success. I have been living much more peacefully and cannot thank her enough!”

Shannon M.
Staffing Agent, San Diego, CA

“Interesting stuff we covered. I was thinking about the ADD aspect of it,
and how much the world shows up for me as “wacko”.

I was actually feeling well today. I was happy that I dealt with some issues that came up that normally I would have hid from. I dealt with them straight and I also assumed that the best was true and other people confirmed, that rather than assuming the worst.”

Steve M.
Attorney, San Diego, CA

“I want to share with everyone that my ‘prosperity in my career’ began the Friday after our Thursday night meeting at Patrice’s – after we all worked together on our manifestation exercises.

I had been in the AAA office on a ‘temporary’ assignment – with no permanent office assignment for the 5 weeks following my Travel Agent training in Riverside. All of my peers in training were immediately placed following our training – so needless to say, it became a daily test of patience.

Although I love my new travel position – I was placed in a state of limbo pending the permanent office assignment. This created a barrier to earning commission, as the commission is paid by each employees ‘home office.’ Hence, my concerns about ‘prosperity’.

After 2 weeks of uncertainty, I consciously decided to release my concerns and doubts, and turn it over to my higher source – with absolute faith that outcome would be my true path forward.  At that time, the shift in energy began immediately.

Thursday evening, I was reminded that I am empowered to manifest my needs, as long as they are for the higher good. In this case, my ability to ‘prosper’ in my career has transpired, as I have been permanently placed in another AAA office. I am grateful for all of the direction and support. My belief in the power of multiple energies has been confirmed.”

Kim M.
Travel Agent, Encinitas, CA

“I am appreciative for a wonderful session – I left feeling a great weight had lifted off my ’self’ – and during the past two days, I have found otherwise frustrating and ‘trigger’ events to seem effortless.”

Kim M.
Travel Agent, Encinitas, CA

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