What I have studied since 2010

What I have been studying since October 2010:

Medical hypnotherapy

I have returned to school to finish my Bachelor in Psychology and to study Biochemistry.
I am preparing to receive a PhD in Neurophysiology/NeuroPsychology.
(Brain Science)

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, CNS disruption

Heavy metal toxicity

Earth change, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis…

Superstorms, wildfires, hurricanes…


Global warming

Power and energy


Vitamins and Supplements

Food as medicine

supplements for healing

Energy medicine

Hormone disturbance, PMS

Brain Injury, concussion


Earth change PTSD

Stress related adrenal exhaustion

Anxiety, stress load, ADD, ADHD

Climate refuges

What is  healthy living

Impact of plastic and petroleum on health

Endocrine disruption

Hormone disturbance

Mercury toxicity

Mental illness

Self sabotage patterns

Emotional Boundaries and discernment of energy, relaxation patterns

Fear of the unknown

Fear of change



Multiple personalities

Addressing past life memories

Psychic phenomenon

Victimization, trauma, abuse…

Verbal, emotional, telepathic, subtle energy, genetic, cultural and spiritual pain and trauma

Emotional neglect, abandonment and impact on health

Black sheep syndrome

Perfectionism impact on emotional health and maturity

survivor guilt

Alcoholism –
Nutritional deficiencies, genetics and healthy stress management

Spirituality and energy awareness



Freedom-obsession and impact on others

Emotional maturity

Sociopathic behavior and connection to adrenal exhaustion

Learning disabilities
nutritional deficiencies, desperation and crime

Overwhelm and overwork

Stress related illness


“Nice” and passive aggressive behavior

Developmental psychology

Heart problems

Dental health

Skin problems


Diminished ozone layer


Solar flares CMEs

Geomagnetic storms


Toxic overload

Food grade skin care

Environmental products

Reducing carbon footprint

Alternative energy wind, geo thermal, solar, water, biomass, bicycle, treadmill

Alternative transportation

Hair problems



Impact of stress on the body




Cultural support and impact on wellness / community

Happiness, impact on health

Science of happiness

Blocks and barriers


Neurophysiology / Neurosciences

Emotional stability

Physical stability

A sense of Home and impact on health


Hidden illness – hiding, latent, carrier

Precursors for illness

Holistic dental health


Ethics of science


Fun and relaxation, impact on health and wellness

Inner and divine guidance

Being in the flow vs victim of circumstance

Victim vs victimized

Brain chemistry, happiness, life circumstances, perception of power and judgmentalism

Success, numbness, addictive patterns and relationship success

Impact of Religion, philosophy and community on health

Control issues

Black and white thinking

Emotional freedom and responsibility


Sexual beliefs and health, drugs and addictive behavior patterns

Gender roles, hormones, and environmental toxicity

Communication Skills

Conflict resolution skills

Wealth, Impact on physical and emotional health

First generation success, impact on health

Barriers to success

Racism and sexism, core issues underlying, fear, separatism

Workaholism, impact on physical and emotional health

Child rearing, impact of family, health

High risk children and intervention

Emotional support and physical wellness

Personality type and impact on health needs, introvert and extraversion

Gender rolls, success and health

Addictive behavior and success

Codependence and emotional avoidance

Relationship addiction / emotional maturity and impact on society

Social responsibility, awareness of impact of behavior

Nurture vs nature in relationship with happiness

Timing and success, generational differences, family support, cyclical economy

Physical stability and impact on physical and mental health

Physical stability, financial support and impact on mental

Homelessness, credit and societal support

Cultural mores, etiquette and support and connection to physical appearance

Projection, blame, criticism and judgment and connection to mental illness and denial patterns

Scapegoating and denial patterns

Manipulation and subtle energy abuse, impact on financial health

Addictive patterns of society and impact on mental and physical health

Mental illness and societal treatment of

Emotional crisis, community support, mental health

First impression, image, societal acceptance, support and mental health

Punishment, control, gender issues, and healing

Intuition and judgementalism, rejection and discrimination

Matrix of behavior, societal/cultural norms and financial success

Religious beliefs, abuse healing and emotional intelligence

Subtle energy, morphogenetic field, emotional support and success

Luck, wise counsel, cultural norms and financial success

Followers vs leaders and financial success

Socioeconomic status and impact on mental, emotional and financial health

Creativity and connection to mental, emotional and psychological health

Timing for healing and understanding the core /origin of a health issue.

Psychic ability, intuition, fear, and impact on health

Consciousness, societal issues, empathy and health

Emotional safety, intuition, and health

Addictive behavior and societal health

Generational difference, adrenal exhaustion, health and wellness

Home ownership, emotional health, stability, consciousness and enlightenment

Marlow’s hierarchy of needs, enlightenment, cultural support and mental and physical health

Exploitation, overwork, ignorance and health and wellness

Entrepreneurship, business ownership, stress, community support and health

Control and perception of protection

Location, mobility, bonding and mental, emotional, physical and financial health

Financial success and hidden cues

Discrimination, reverse discrimination, punishment, affirmative action and healing

Integration, complexity, brilliance, well-being and financial success.

Interrelationship of Self realization, enlightenment, emotional and community support and wealth

Addictive behavior patterns, stress reduction, pace of society and long-term health

Dimensional perspective, openness and health

Environmental toxicity and illness

Chem trails

Animal extinction


Farming and the proper raising of animals of plants.

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