Doorway to a new world

Doorway to a new world

Do you want to:

* Find your new place in a world that is rearranging

* Have better tools for dealing with stress and change in your life

* Realize your Lifetime dreams or purposes that you have not yet realized

* When necessary, rearrange, stabilize, rebuild and thrive again in a new way

* Understand the new energies that the world is now expressing

* Develop new, more effective, ways to communicate with people

* Tap into a higher sense of wisdom and guidance

* Feel more deeply supported in your life

* Ask for what you want and set boundaries without offending others

* Have better tools for dealing with your and others’ energy

* Release blocks to your greatest good

* Create more ease, effortlessness, flow and abundance while living on purpose

* Keep your positive energy in challenging, chaotic, or non peaceful environments

* Understand what is happening with the changes in the world

* Experience more peace and harmony in your life

* Make solid decisions that are based in the heart, centered in wisdom and make good, solid sense

I can help.

My Training:

I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) with Advanced Hypnotherapy Certifications in:

* Stress Management
* Overcoming Fears and Phobias
* Emotional Intelligence
* Increasing Self Worth

I have received additional hypnotherapy training in

* Personal Power, Profit & Prosperity

I am presently working toward an additional

* Board Certification in Medical Hypnotherapy (CMH)

Other healing modalities:

* Reiki Master

My Professional Background

* International Communications Trainer
Topics include: Diplomatic Communication, Professional Image, Team Building

* Inspirational Speaker

* Spiritual Life Coach / Interfaith Spiritual Caregiver

* Certified Image Consultant (CIC)

* Business Development / Marketing Consultant (BBA – Marketing)

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