Spiritual Services

Spiritual Unfoldment

My spiritual unfoldment path is the one area that has given me the most satisfaction and fulfillment. I believe that each of us is guided to ask questions, such as: Who am I?, Why am I here?, What am I to do? / What is my purpose?.  I believe that the answers that we find to these questions can give us more satisfaction than any other “accomplishment”.

Each of us has our journey toward the full expression of our Soul.

I am here to assist others with their spiritual unfoldment journey.

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Services that I offer:

Spiritual Support, Counseling and Guidance
Energy Healing and Readings
Energy Shielding / Protection
Energy Clearing
Intuitive Readings
Subtle Energy Healing
Understanding and working with “Invisible” Energies

Communication with Passed Over loved ones
House Clearings
House Blessings

Almost all of my programs are custom designed for the individual.


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