Spiritual Teleclasses

Patrice does spiritual counseling, and conducts classes & spiritual support teleclasses.

(Please call or email for information: pcaringyou@hotmail.com /
541 482-4800)

Angel Circles

This is the ‘place’ to talk about the “invisible”, which includes energy – emotional and spiritual, empathy, telepathy, angels, passed over loved ones, things in the unseen that you might experience or be curious about, para-normal (beyond the normal), precognition (seeing the future), earth changes…

Angels and our spiritual support team are with us, and are helping us, every moment of every day. You can learn about angels (and/or your other “spiritual support team members”), how to receive higher guidance and how to align yourself with creating “the Greatest Good for All.”

Receive guidance, assistance and support to create a life that is more effortless, purposeful and abundant.

Share your extra-ordinary experiences in a group that is supportive, accepting and encouraging.

Learn about or share info about paranormal (beyond normal) phenomonon and your spiritual gifts. Be supported to discover and live your purpose.

Learn about subtle energy, how to protect your energy, how to be there for others (in ways that do not drain you) and how to manifest the experiences you desire.

This Group is for:

Curious people ‘searching for more’
Those interested in personal growth, consciousness, health and well-being
Body workers, Healers & Teachers of all types
(including medical and psychological professionals)
Distance Healers & Energy Workers
Spiritual people
Spiritual counselors and teachers
Anyone interested in manifestation principles
Sensitives / ClairSentients / Empaths / Highly Sensitive People
Spiritually / Psychically gifted people
Intuitive People
Angel Believers
Those wanting to feel more “community” or “at home”

Anyone whose heart is tugged to attend.

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