PP WOW: Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead.


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Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead


Selfishness and Self-Centeredness are dead. The
new energy of the new world is the “Greatest Good
for All”. Where we have the spark of idea, inspiration
or impulse to do something and we pause and ask
“Is this good for all?”, “Does it have any negative
impact on anyone or anything?”, “Are there any
negative outcomes that can come from this?”

And if the answer is that there are some negative
outcomes, they must be worked out, they must
be fixed before moving forward. We must get the
ducks in the row BEFORE moving forward. The time
of selfishly bumbling through, not caring about anyone
but oneself, is dead, over, fini. The time of ignoring
all the possible mistakes and problems, and waiting
for negative energies to manifest before we deal
with them has ended. The time of not healing our
issues and ignorantly just handing them over to our
children is done.

It is easier to deal with negative energies on the
subtle energy level than it is on the physical level.
It is easier to fix an incorrect thought, than it is
to refreeze a polar ice cap. It is easier to hear our
guidance, and to follow it, then it is to clean up
all the horrible things that we manifest by not
listening to it.

No one is interested in selfishness anymore. We have
seen the impact of it on the world, the people, the
land itself. The new trend is to subtly boycott
those that are not offering businesses, or services
that are in complete integrity. There are so many
options for choosing integrity people and services.
Why would we continue to go to those
that are not in integrity? We all know that
there is pain in lack of integrity. We are all starting
to make conscious choices when it comes to
services being in integrity, and the highest
good for all.

The truth is that there is short-term pain of being
in integrity. BUT nothing as large as the long
term pain of being out of integrity. Business
people sometimes don’t make as much money
doing the right thing, but in the long-term, they
still have their health, and mental and physical

It is like foregoing the chocolate cake for dessert
to stay healthy and fit. It hurts a little to say “no”,
but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it would
to be obese and barely be able to walk around, or
for our body to deteriorate from lack of care.
The health care bills and cost of not caring for
our bodies is massive, compared to the cost
of passing up on some junk food.

Integrity is the same. It hurts a little in the
moment, but the fact that we manifest our
dreams, with a clean heart and conscience
is priceless. The long-term pain of doing damage
or harm to others is huge, even though one
might not notice the gradual increase of
energy that it takes to ignore the subtle
energy (pain of guilt, remorse and shame),
and how debilitating and exhausting
it is to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Some go through life looking for all of the shortcuts
with no concern or care about who they hurt, these
people and businesses can no longer survive in the
new economy.

People are learning now how to “vote with their dollar”. And
the more people do this, the more the low integrity business
will fall to the wayside like old, primitive, dead, dinosaurs.

How we get to where we are going dictates the
energy that the business or endeavor will have
when it prospers. If we are workaholics, using low
integrity marketing concepts, employing people
who are aggressive, uncaring or pushy, we will
have just that, a business that makes us sick,
lonely and mentally challenged. We will have
a company full of relationship issues, discord,
disharmony and stress. We will have to be
workaholics to sustain it, and ultimately any
money we create won’t be worth the price
we have paid.

The desire to push, force, cut corners, do shortcuts
to get ahead, ultimately only sabotages long-term

Attending to detail and doing things with love, kindness,
integrity and consciousness, creates more of the same.

The energy that we manifest from expands and multiplies.
What energy is your business manifesting from?

Are you manifesting from love, consciousness, heart-felt
desire, inner guidance, desire to compassionately, intentionally
and consciously co-create with others, and synergistically
share your gifts and talents with others, desiring to do the
same for the upliftment and benefit of all? Are you surrendered
to and co-creating with a power larger than yourself? Or
are you the Captain of the ship, flying by the seat of your
pants, operating from gut, but not asking how it impacts

Are you doing what is in alignment with the highest
good for all? Or are you doing something else? And if so,

The creation of a happy, sustainable, healthful business
comes from the inside out. Our desire to completely heal
our issues and create from a place of clarity and intention.